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He searches, waits and watches for the perfect one...


Angel Eyes

Book 1 in the Mystic Moons Series

Psychic Cora O'Donnell doesn't care what the majority of people think about her. She's got her successful new age shop, Mystic Moons, and now dark, strange dreams keeping her busy. Rogan Duran, ex special ops, is tracking a killer he swore he'd find if it took him the rest of his life. What he doesn't plan on is a woman he thinks is weird. Rogan tells himself he's just sticking around to keep Cora safe.


Cora doesn't want anything to do with the know-it-all, she just wants her peace back, and no amount of yoga is giving it to her. But she can't argue with one fact. There is a killer out there and not only can she sense him, she's got what he wants.eyes a pale hypnotic blue. She knows sooner or later she'll be the next woman the killer goes after.


The one with Angel Eyes.


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