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Black Aura

Mystic Moons Series Book 2

Black Aura

If anyone needs a vacation, it's Lake Johnson. After her psychic abilities failed her, almost costing a friend's life, she hopes a little time away in Taos, New Mexico will ease the self-doubt haunting her. Perhaps what she needs is the distraction of sexy gallery owner Maxamillan Gray.


Women look great on canvas, Max has learned, but in real life, theyre a pain. Although the mysterious Lake gets under his skin, he's wary after having been betrayed too many times before. As Max and Lake cautiously explore their attraction for each other, Lake becomes aware that Max's edgy, complex daughter has been targeted by a building malevolence. The problem is getting Max to believe her. And convincing herself she can trust her own instincts.


If she can't do either, it's only a matter of time before a soulless madman steals Max's daughter away and another gifted young woman dies.

*This is a re-release. This book was previously published by another publisher. 


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