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Once upon a time I thought...hmmm.... maybe I should write a book.  And I did. And it was horrible. But then I wrote another one. And one after that. And one after that. You get the idea. 


I enjoy playing with imaginary people in my head. Sometimes those people are nice, sometimes they're not, but in the end, the girl gets the guy so all is well.


I live in Texas with my family. They put up with my strangeness and appreciate my weirdness--or so they claim. We promote weirdness. We have three bossy Aussies who, in truth, rule the family. When I'm not chained to my keyboard, I'm doubling as the wife of my trusted consort, the proud mom of two young men, a flailing housekeeper, a master plant eliminator, and I'm probably burning dinner.  


"Life just throws you places, and if you wait, if you listen, you can see the blessings."

— Jaycee Clark

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