Deadly Secrets (Kinncaid Brothers 5)

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Some of you have waited years (yes, that’s right yearS). While others have waited months or weeks or days. But here is the final brother of the Kinncaid series. I hope you enjoy Ella and Quin’s story.

Secrets can hurt . . .

Bitter and resigned to a life alone, Quinlan Kinncaid swore he’d never marry—until the eccentric Ella Ferguson barged headlong into his life. But before he can trust his own feelings and build a new life with Ella, she’s gone, and he’s left with a secret so big he can’t even bear to tell his own family.

Some secrets can destroy . . .

Ella Ferguson is as independent as she is beautiful, and though she knows rich boys never last in the long run, she doesn’t see the harm in a fling with Quinlan. After their amorous weekend threatens to become a lifelong commitment, she runs, figuring it’s better to put Quin and her past behind her. Then Ella discovers a secret of her own, and telling Quin may rip both their worlds apart.

And some secrets can kill . . .

What neither of them realize is that a malevolent man knows Ella’s secret, and he’ll stop at nothing to get what he wants. Afraid for her life and more alone than ever, Ella must learn to forgive herself before she can beg the forgiveness of the one man who can save her. Now it’s up to Quinlan to overcome his stubborn pride in time to save Ella and the only thing that matters.

5 thoughts on “DEADLY SECRETS is Out!!

  1. Debbie says:

    I love this series!!! Will there be any other books in the Deadly series?

  2. Jaycee says:

    Thanks so much, Debbie! I’m glad you’ve enjoyed the Kinncaids as much as I have. As far as more Deadly books, not sure. The cousins might get their stories at some point, or some of the other secondary characters, but they won’t be ‘deadly’. I’ll have to come up with something else. :) Thanks again!


  3. Caro says:

    I loved the series. Cousins would be good. I just hate the thought of no more Ian.

  4. Jessley says:

    I absolutely love this series!! I can’t get enough of the Kinncaid family so I sure hope that there will be more books!

  5. Jaycee says:

    Hey Caro,

    I think I’d be sad with no more Ian. Ian has a Merry Group of Badasses. :) So we will see a few more cameo of his sexy self. :)

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